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Black Bear

MBB-8141-Three in a tree-This sow and her two cubs stayed in this tree for a very long time when she decided to get a little shut eye the cubs kept track of us photographers.

After 16 years of instructing photography workshops at Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary; I have decided that 2014 is going to be my last year. I will always be a strong supporter of the Black Bears and VSWS. But contact the VSWS web site for dates, cost and times of present and future photography workshops. Many thanks to all of my past participants in my VSWS workshops it has been a great ride and I have gained many life long friends.

Contact: Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary:

Photography Classes

Throughout the year I will be instructing many photography classes in the Twin City area and also some classes outside the Twin City's  and  including Western Wisconsin! Many classes will requiring registering with a link that is provided!

Feel free to contact me regarding any course content or information regarding the class sessions.

1. Anoka-Henneping School District (click web site for more info and registration)

web site: (click adult activities/hobby's/photography)

a. Fall Photography: This class is all about capturing the colors of a Minnesota Fall. In class we will be discussing camera settings to enhance the colors of fall, Using your macro lens to capture the veins of a maple leaf and capturing the many waterfalls of Minnesota. This is a two session class! a two hour class room session and a two hour field shoot at a local park!

Dates: Thursday October 11, 2018 Classroom session 6:30PM to 8:30 PM

             Saturday October 13, 2018  9:00 AM-11:00AM Field Shoot at Elm Creek Park

b. Basic Digital Photography:This class is specifically designed for those shooting DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras (those with interchangeable lenses) or those with higher end Point and shoot cameras. This class is all about learning about your camera which is the first step on improving on your photography! Bring your camera, lenses and owners manual to all sessions.

Dates: Tuesday nights October 23 and 30, 2018 6:30PM to 8;30PM both sessions

            Saturday morning November 3, 2018 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM field shoot Elm Creep Park

c. Winter Photography: Living in Minnesota or Wisconsin there is no reason to not be outside with the camera gear. This is one of my favorite seasons to photograph in, come to this class and you will find out why! We will discuss cold weather photography, keeping your gear working in extreme cold and yourself as comfortable as possible. Two hour classroom session and a two hour field shoot.

Dates: Thursday January 31, 2019 6:30 PM-8:30PM Classroom session             

Saturday February 2. 2019 10:00 AM to Noon Field shoot at Henry's Woods

2. Cambridge-Isanti Schoo District (click web site for registration and more info)

web site: (click on "courses")

a. Macro/close-up Photography: Ever noticed the intimate structure of a spider web or the beautiful veins of a flower petal. In this class we will be discussing the various methods of capturing the beauty of natures "little" wonders. The class is designed for both a lecture but at the same using your lenses in class. If you do not own a macro lens; no problem we will be discussing alternatives methods and also include information on macro lenses. Bring your photo equipment and tripod to class including owners manual.

Date: Wednesday January 16, 2019 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Day in the Field

S002-Showy Lady's slipper grouping (Cypripedium reginae)
This is a one on one instruction session that will be organized according to your schedule and what areas of instruction you would like help on. It can be a field shoot and/or class room type instruction in any combination you would like. 
Contact me for specific information and we can discuss details regarding on tailoring a session based on your needs.

Time: 8 hours (can be in one day or a combination of days)
Cost: $250.00
Note: Possible other costs depending on location but this will be agreed upon in advance.

Other Classes

ACL-12065: Misty morning wingstretch

I also instruct some shorter classes on various photography techniques, and/or general information on photography etc. Many of these classes will be at photography clubs or local organizations. Many times there is no fee associated with the session, but check the web site for location, time and if there is any fee. Feel free to contact me for any information regarding the class sessions.