"Sunset on Lake Superior"

Sunset on Lake Superior

The Story Behind the Shot

How could a person not like spending some time on Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior? We have been going to this area for probably over 35 years and many times making multiple visits during the year. There is always something that will catch the photographers eye even though you may be in the exact same spot multiple times. The wind, clouds, light all will work together to give you a totally new image every time. On the Minnesota side of Lake Superior most will look for a sunrise, but with the right type of clouds sunsets will also work even though the sun will set behind you. This makes it almost impossible to get the sun in your image. When I saw a few wispy clouds about 60 minutes before sunset, I headed down to the lake to see what might develop. I set my my tripod and mounted the camera and my 14mm-24mm lens. I have always liked this spot because of the trees that jut out towards the lake. Initially nothing was going to develop then this larger wispy clouds started to drift in. Immediately I checked my composition to include the nice rocky area and waited for the cloud to begin to drift in and when I saw the cloud being lit up by the setting sun I took multiple images and compositions! This is one of my favorites of the sunset sequence. This light did not last more than 3-4 minutes and it was over! In many of my photography classes I aways talk about how fickle light is! So a photographer must be ready! If I had to fumble around in my camera bag and set-up; I would have missed this sequence of images! To see more of my Lakes and River landscapes click on this link

Good Shooting

Technical Data

 Nikon D850

Nikon 14mm-24mm @ 14mm

Manual Exposure @ -1/3

Cloudy WB

ISO 100

F-11 @ 1/10 second

Cable release 

Manual Focus

Gitzo Tripod with RRS BH 55 Ball head

Post-processing: Lightroom Classic and Photoshop