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Cove Point Bay at sunset

Cove Point Bay at sunset

The Shot

This image of Cove Point Bay was taken just a few minutes before the sun went below the horizon! I liked how the sun was lighting up the clouds but also showing some contrast with the darker side of the clouds. I was at the 2018 Winter Gathering of the Frozen Photographer Facebook Group, I was one of the presenters for the week-end. It was a busy week-end but still found some time for a little photography on my own. Whenever I instruct any of my classes where I talk about composition; I generally do not spend a lot of my time talking about "rules" there are no "rules" in photography, maybe guidelines but not rules. My thing on composition is to "fill the frame with interest"! If you do that everything will come together for a very pleasing image. On this image I moved around a lot with my camera at different heights, zoomed in and out, and finally settled with the camera very low to the ice, mounted on a tripod, cable release. My focus point was on the rock just beyond the edge of the ice surrounded by water. I may not have taken a lot of pictures that week-end but this is one of my favorites. 

Technical Data

Nikon D800

Nikon 14-24mm lens @ 19mm


1/200 second

ISO 400

Cloudy White Balance

Gitzo Tripod w BH 55 Ball Head

Cable Release

Processed in Lightroom Classic

Fine tuning and sharpening in Photoshop